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3 days ago

We went to city meeting
Good news fields going to be open for practice only for youth's right now
For adults we going to have meeting next month

4 days ago

Saludos David

2 weeks ago

Happy birthday to Nick! Feliz cumpleaños a Nick!

3 weeks ago

Hi soccer players we still waiting the ok from city Duarte
Please keep checking schedule every week

1 month ago

Atencion Mexicano el consulado de los Angeles esta dando test del corona viros gratis

1 month ago

Good News soon we back

1 month ago

Hi soccer players keeping distance 6 ft
See you soon please check the schedule every week

1 month ago

Viva Peru Saludos hermanos

1 month ago

Duarte soccer league felicita a todos nuestros amigos peruanos por su celebracion de su independecia
Viva Peru
Saludos Estuardo coach
Defensor Peruano

2 months ago

We still waiting for ok from city Duarte to restarting games

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